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Originally Posted by SUB-FT86 View Post
That body looked like shit IMO and as a matter of fact the AE86 didn't look like a sports car one bit other than the low slung front end. The rest of the car looked like a carved box which IMO is unfitting of a sports car. They could've still made the car a hatch with the current low-slung sports car styling. My RSX is a hatch without the weird looking back end.
i agree with you on that body. the ae86 wasnt a sports car. i think its important to remember on this forum. there is so much talk about the purity of the frs and its ae heritage yet in the same breath can talk down on other amazing cars because they were based on economy cars.

i usually dont like taking fixed roof coupes and making them convertibles. up until my first miata i thought verts were stupid all around. both my miatas have had hard tops but i cant express much fun driving around with the top down actually is. if you have an issue with convertibles (other than the amount of work needed to make them safe at a track) its due to image and insecurities and not the sport of driving.
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