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Vortech idler pulleys seizing and belts breaking

Well after having this happen to me yesterday, I noticed another member posted today of the same issue. Maybe more will pop up soon as well...
this happened to me yesterday, belt shredded and my idler pulley on the compressor assembly looks melted in the center and off balanced seeming to be due to a bad bearing in the pulley and the lip is chewed off (4500 miles on my kit, never tracked, never abused). I contacted vortech about this today and I was told I needed to send the bad parts to them for them to be looked at and determine the cause first. I'm not going to do that since this is my daily and that would leave my car down for at least a week since I'm in Georgia. Not to mention shipping charges as well, and no guarantee that I would even be given replacement parts. When I easily fixed the problem myself for $35 in one day. The idler is a dayco 3" smooth pulley with lip part # 89003, cost me $17 and a new replacement belt. Not a big deal but definatley not something I expected from a $5k kit. Pics... And more later of the pulley after I removed it since my phones acting weird

Lip of the plastic pulley I found melted off in the bay

Shredded belt

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