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Originally Posted by cf6mech View Post
Well I had an issue with a rod bearing,.. an inherent weakness on this engine going over 400whp, new rebuild has begun and have acquired new Pauter rods with ACL race bearings machined to fit the Pauter rods,...I'm also installing ARP2000 head studs, on the list is Ferrea race comp valves, valve springs guides, retainers and springs, it should rev much higher with zero valve float. This has been an expensive endeavor indeed. The only weakness left is the Aisin MT which is only rated in our car at a measle 210ftlbs. there are gear sets being developed as I speak and I will be holding out for them and going easy on digs or missed shifts. Looking into possible doing a tranny swap. The diff. seems to be a lucky strong point,..and from networking from other high hp guys, holding up well. I'm glad I went to a carbon fiber driveshaft to have some torque twist to ease the transfer of power. I've gone from a returnless system to a return fuel system via a pressure regulater with Full Blown fuel rails and additional fuel pumps via Don's system, I should never have a fuel lean issue again. My engine should be as bullet proof as the after market will provide,.....the tranny is another issue, worries me.

Arrgh crap

did you toast the short block only ? or did the heads get messed up too ?
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