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2013 Scion FR-S: Black Friday Autocross, Lap One

Kurt and I were assigned the first work group, which meant we were out on the course picking up cones. That gave me the opportunity to at least learn the first section of the Autocross.

The time passed quickly and it was finally our chance to drive.

My first lap was a "getting-to-know-you" run, where I was really just trying to learn the course and find out how much grip I had (or didn't have, in the case of the stock tires).

The lack of adhesion to the asphalt made for some entertaining moments behind the wheel. It's far too easy to get the tail whipping out, and just as easy to control a drift. So. Much. Fun.

But fun isn't all that fast. My first silly lap took 75.261 seconds. Not a problem, I was well aware that it would be easy to pare that time down into the mid 60s. My next lap was a 70.914, with some slides here and there. Kurt and I agreed that a time in the low 60-second range would be respectable. As we rolled through the lineup, though, we were told that we were only getting six laps before lunch and six laps after. The pressure was on.

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