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Originally Posted by strat61caster View Post
3 years, Toyobaru was on sale early summer 2012 and Honda dealers still had inventory all the way up to 2011. You could theoretically have bought a brand new S2000 and traded it for a brand new FR-S within a year.

Worth noting Honda dealers struggled to sell S2000's and the numbers declined sharply, I wouldn't be surprised if you could drive off the lot in an S2000 in 2009 for less than the average FRS in it's first year of sales.

I still haven't quite digested that there have been more Toyobaru's sold worldwide than S2000's...
I'm not surprised. The S2K was a pricey 2 seater convertible, and there was a cheaper convertible alternative (mx-5). Also the recession probably really hurt S2k sales starting around 2006.
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