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Originally Posted by kilrb View Post
Hey man, I had a heads/cam FRC C5 (390/410whp), and I loved that car. I was scared I'd miss the power, but the BRZ is such a joy to drive that I haven't regretted it for a minute. I'll probably end up supercharging it, but honestly, if you're not out trying to be a hooligan, the car accelerates well enough to be satisfying. And the overall feel of the car is just undescribable. It's crazy, but the thing I like the best about the twins is you don't have to go stupid fast to feel like you're going fast. My modded C5 was the opposite. To feel fast, you ended up going stupid fast.
As for the 2nd gear thing, it goes away with a mile or two of driving and warm-up. At least on my car.
My first vette was a 99 FRC.. Loved it.. Had 3 more after that including 2 Z06's..
Loved the 0-60 runs.. But everything happens to fast to enjoy..
It was geat winding out the boxer and hearing it howl without going insanely fast.. Also like the nimbleness as the vettes with their fat tires always felt heavy when driving normal.. Looking forward to having something fun to toss around without the expense and white knuckle paranoia that is associated with high HP cars on the street.. Thanks for the post..
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