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I'm not usually one to brag, but I'm just waaaay to happy how well this thing turned out. Thanks Neal @The Racers Line for the fab work! (Like a typical engineer, I'll take the credit for design lol)

Here's my "stealth" oil cooler

Took me a couple passes of hacking up that cover to fit with out taking off the bumper, but I got it on there. Plus, now its removable just in case I want more flow (just gently yank it off!).

I'll be doing a track day at Sonoma Raceway (Infeneon) on Mon and will update with track data.

Edit: Wanted to mention that I also used Russell Performance fittings and lines to stay along the Edelbrock family, so @Edelbrock LLC you already got half of the kit! Source a core, mocal plate, some brackets and a cut-out template and you're set!
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