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Originally Posted by UnLeasHer View Post
omg same issue! with cruise control off and everything! have u fixed it?
Took the little one to the service center.

The guys down there said there was nothing wrong with the computer, and everything was fine.

They think that having the traction and abs notification on in the driving conditions I was in (wet, lots of corners, higher speeds) was normal, and that the car pre-selected this driving option (i.e. also turning off cruise control and options for other drive types (i.e. traction off, sports VSC (and for those with GTS 'sports' and 'snow')).

If this happens to you - the notifications coming on means that the car is letting you know (additional?) traction and ABS is ON - it does not mean that there is a fault to be checked. After the driving conditions improve, and you have turned the car off for 1 min and back on the car should take these notifications off. If not, then there might be something wrong.

I said that I did not noticed any different handling but they said it couldve been such a tiny change that I did not notice the difference (which is most likely true being asian, young and female LOL).

Car is a.o.k and smarter than I thought.

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