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Originally Posted by Tcoat View Post
What company? There are dozens of factors that calculate an individual's rate and frequency of accidents is just one of the minor ones. It is not accurate to automatically say it is the accident rate that raised the price.
Indeed there are tons of factors that come into play on top of just the car. I'm with Belair like @rkaywhodat, but my rates are higher despite having a lot more driving experience (I'm nearing 40, married) and a 10+ year clean record. Other factors include:
  • Your liability coverage ($1m or $2m)
  • Your Collision deductable
  • Your Comprehensive deductable
  • Your Direct Compensation deductable
  • Other policy riders like Accident Forgiveness, removal of glass coverage, rental car extensions, etc
  • Waiver of Depreciation
  • Winter tires discount
  • Mods on your car (well, ones you declare)
  • Anti-theft device
  • and maybe most importantly: Where you live!

When I lived downtown Toronto but had no parking spot in our apartment, I had the car registered and insured as in downtown Toronto even though it was always parked in Richmond Hill because the insurance rates in RH were a good couple hundred per year higher than downtown.

Impossible to truly compare apples to apples between people without having a better idea of coverage levels and history. At best you can determine if it's more expensive for you versus other cars since you will likely have similar insurance from one car to the next.
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