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Raven down! Mechanical failure :(

Driving home Monday night on the fwy (about 65-70) when the engine sputtered or rev'ed down, check engine light came on and throttle wasn't responsive. Coasted off the fwy, dash looked light up like a xmas tree. On the offramp engine shut down, got off the fwy came to a stop and smoke was everywhere. Oil puddle on the street and tow truck after towing.

Got my baby towed to my dealer (it was about 12:30 at night). Next day dealer advised me that Toyota wanted to look at it. The Toyota rep showed up yesterday (THURS) and confirmed that they are going to be giving me a long block motor replacement. They are going to keep my engine to see what happened. Hopefully I'll have my car back in a week and a half. I really want to know what happened.

Odometer approx: 10,840 miles

They haven't told me what happened except "that something gave out in the engine". I will update with more info when I get some.

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