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Originally Posted by strat61caster View Post
'85 Civic $500 >>>> Prius $18k >>>>> Tesla

Better em-pee-gees, cheaper to buy, fix, insure, better resale.
And actually fun to drive.

We're talking about new cars, with new technology, warranties and that actually look decent among today's newer cars on the road.

32/38 mpg and 60 hp vs 53/46 mpg and 99hp Prius C[?] $18k ottp at local dealer in red/orange.

Prius isn't so bad in driving. I enjoy it. If I wanted more fun, id get another ae86 and sh!t on it 24/7...or till it gets stolen.

Returning to thread:

Tesla 250 miles/charge.... vs 400+ miles Prius C at half price.....

Sure it's not a 'Tesla,' but at least it doesnt look warped and morbid. These full on electric cars are not my thing... I like the quietness, but thats about it. Here in CenCal, they are barely making charging parking spots public. We're not ready for them and at the 30k (33-35k OTTDP imho), I'd rather go for a fully equipped Camry hybrid. That, or a old wrx/sti and a 2001 1zzfe corolla. Maybe even a ugly Civic.
Got my TRD wheels and TRD louvers. Thanks!!!
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