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Originally Posted by 86MLR View Post
That's what the aftermarket is for.

I highly doubt they will charge it, that would put it in a higher price bracket.

The whole idea of the twins is that they are cheap sports car.

Charging it wouldn't be smart marketing for Toyota or Subaru, in reality it is only a small percentage of people who would buy one, which wouldn't make it financially viable IRT all the R&D and modifications required.

Look at the OEM turbo MX5, minimal extra power for alot more cash, not alot sold, Mazda only had them for a couple of years, they weren't financially viable.

And even the turbo MX5's ended up having alot of the OEM bolt ons replaced to chase more power.

How much would pay for a charged 86?

There are other cars available if you want more power anyway.

Subaru has the WRX/STI, they won't drop another car in that price bracket.

Toyota will soon have the Supra, 2 typical Toyota rwd turbo sports cars competing for sales is not going to happen.

If you want more power just build the motor and drivetrain to handle what you want and bolt on a supercharger or turbo, easy.

In the end, there ain't nothin to it but to do it.

Opinions may vary

You're still missing my point what I'm trying to say is what the heck is the point of adding more support for the type of power they added it's a slap in the face. Add some support when you actually add some real horse power I'm not trying to get in the technicality of car being tuner and that what is why it was not forced inducted but I digress

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