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As a previous owner of a "stage 2+" 2015 WRX STI, anything over 300hp can be a long term reliability issue.

For the twins to be reliable at 300hp all you need to do at look at what "experienced" builders/tuners consider required mods.

For me, to be happy with putting around 300hp with ??? torques to the ground in a twin, with what I would concider long term reliability, I'm looking at between 20 to 25k.

Sure you do it much cheaper, but how long will it last.

Now, bring in the added reliability required by the OEM manufacturer, they will need to warranty it.

Now your looking at upgrading the whole power and drivetrains, not to mention additional strengthening of the chassis.

All this for a small market of buyers.

Here in AU a Impreza costs 25k, a wrx cost 40k, thats 15k extra.

Here in AU a twin cost upwards of 40k, adding 15k to that would put it in STI territory.

I would love to see a OEM turbo twin, but when you bring costings, demand and the ability for a manufacturer to make the required profit to keep the manufacturers happy and rolling in profit, sadly I cannot see it ever happening.

Hence why I have been researching a build even before I purchased the car, give me another 6 months, and if I'm happy with my research and expected outcomes, I'll have my 300hp and ??? torques to play with.

If not, I'll flip it in a couple of years or give it to one of my kids, I'll then find some other toy to suit my new requirements and desires.
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