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Originally Posted by Sweet View Post
You've also run with 225/45/17 in the past right?

Im debating which route to go here, I know there's tons of discussion it's just hard to come up with a verdict. In my region there are no CS competitors. All the twins are in STX.

If I get my setup right hopefully I can out-pax a few of them.

Our courses tend to be pretty tight, rarely do we ever need to grab 3rd so the shorter sidewalls is likely the better route.

Last year I ran 235/45 R-S3' they were used when I got them and heat-cycled pretty bad. The pinch wasn't bad though and they were fairly responsive.

If I still need to put the time in to get my driving style up to 10/10, would you recommend going with the 225 over the 245 to get a better feel?

Correct, in 2014 I ran 225s. If you don't think your driving is up to snuff, yeah stick with the 225s - the tire will work properly and you can concentrate on other stuff. I believe the 245s are only incrementally faster, and that's at the cost of increased wear and the tire sidewalls being a little compromised (which adds some unwelcome dynamics and makes the tire feel sloppy).

FYI CS winner at nats last year ran 225s, so you *can* get it done on those. They're also cheaper. If you are still learning, nothing beats seat time and that means your tire budget goes up.

If you run Prosolos the 245 advantage gets big due to the drag start. In Lincoln at spring nats and at the finale I consistently cut 2.1-2.2 60' times. The only ones faster than me were the MR2 (1.9 or lower! That mid engine is helpful) and the NC Miata with cushy springs and fancy DA shocks (they were more consistent about 2.1 than I was).
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