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GrimmSpeed Cold Air Intake - New Product Information - Proven 10whp Gain

Well, most of you guys are already experts where this intake is concerned, but for the sake of having some closure, we're pleased to announce the official, public release of the GrimmSpeed Cold Air Intake for the BRZ and FR-S!

Real 10whp gains in 30min with no tuning!

Design requirements for this intake were simple: The intake must not only be safe for the engine, but perform well both with and without tuning. The intake must be able to be installed quickly, without removal of the bumper. The intake must produce horsepower and torque gains throughout the RPM range, not just on the top end. Justification for the first is obvious, we want you to be able to bolt it on and go, without worrying about your air-fuel ratios and engine safety. Justification for the second came after installing other intakes, only to have our front bumper never fit the same way again. A little research showed that this was a common issue. Yuck.

Quick Specs
  • Power and Torque Gains - Throughout entire rev range, no tuning required
  • Mimics factory AFR - Safest intake on the market
  • Installs easily without bumper removal - Don't ruin your bumper fitment like other intakes!
  • Made in the USA - Right here in Minnesota, in fact
  • 30min Installation - Extremely simple with our written and video guides
  • Design

The design of this intake started with months of hands-on research. Follow this link to see the extensive testing that we did on the factory intake setup pressure differentials. Follow this one to see the dyno testing that we did with the stock airbox in a number of different configurations. The entire development of the intake is chronicalled in great detail in our FT86Club thread where members helped with major design decisions. After the research stages and the determination that there was a gap in the intake market, we got to work with design. Using our FARO Arm, we were able to MAP the engine bay in 3D to ensure a perfect fitment. We used that working envelope to maximise performance by eliminating the 90 degree bend just before the airbox. We found that this contributed to decreased resistance, but also helped with accurate MAF readings. We placed the MAF sensor inside the airbox to ensure that the heat from the motor and headers didn't skew it's readings.


With a solid theoretical foundation and a number of prototypes, our engineers hit the dyno. Working with a very well respected tuner, they tested 26 different intake configurations with over 140 dyno pulls. Armed with a massive amount of data, design decisions were made and we moved forward into production. Check out our testing summary for Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3.


In true GrimmSpeed fashion, no corners were cut in the fabrication of each and every one of these intakes. The airbox is laser cut, CNC bent, riveted together and threaded inserts are installed before the entire assembly receives a heavy duty black wrinkle powdercoat. MAF flanges are CNC machined from 6061 aluminum and the intake tube is fabricated from custom bent tubing, made specifically for our application, to provide the perfect MAF diameter. The air straightener is laser cut from the same 6061 material and tumbled before the entire assembly is TIG welded by our expert welders. After welding, each tube is inspected and ported as needed to ensure maximum performance.


The intake provides gains in horsepower and torque across the entire rev range. This includes gains of 3-4 ftlbs in the "torque dip," and peak gains of 6 horsepower as measured at the wheels on a Dyno Dynamics dynomometer (reads lower than the common Dynojet). These gains are not achieved through MAF trickery either, as the air to fuel ratio remains nearly identical to the factory's. Additional gains in the top end can be achieved by modifying your factory snorkel (around 2whp) as shown.

On a second dyno, the gains were repeated. Dynojet dynos typically read a bit higher and this one was no different. We found a 10whp gain when simply bolting on the GrimmSpeed Intake with no tuning.

Finally, and thanks to all of you guys, Shiv with OpenFlashTablet volunteered to create an off the shelf map for our intake and provide it for free to OFT owners. He found an additional 7whp on the dyno with his development car.

Includes in each kit:
  • 1x Intake Tube
  • 1x High-flow Oiled Filter
  • 1x Hump Hose Connector
  • 1x Airbox Assembly
  • 3x Hose Clamps
  • 1x PCV Hose Extension
  • 1x PCV Clamp
  • 2x MAF Flange Screws
  • 3ft Rubber Sealing Strip
  • 1x Noise Generator Delete Plug

Install Guide

BRZ/FR-S GrimmSpeed Intake Installation Guide

MSRP - $374.99

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