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Originally Posted by kodyo View Post
The breather vent isn't straight open to atmosphere. I had a spare one and blew into it and it does still contain a small amount of pressure. Maybe .5 psi. I vaguely remember removing a plug and hearing a little bit of pressure escape or enter.

There's also a decent chance that there is still a decent amount of diff fluid clinging to everything internally. So measuring fluid out may not give an accurate representation to how much was lost. There's also really no way to overfill unless you use a pump to flow oil in fast and then plug quickly. A normal fill means filling through side port until oil starts to spill out a little.

Getting axles back in is much easier than removal. Just be careful not to nick the seals when inserting. Before reinstalling, I would get an eyeglass screw driver and bend the cir-clips back out a fraction so they more resemble OEM. Manual says replace, but I've replaced them and I've used old ones and couldn't tell the difference.

I actually had a similar instance of seal failure, I think it was a lubrication issue in my case. Haven't had an issue since though.

Here's another reference thread where guy had same issue:
What you mean lubrication issue? As in you were using the wrong fluid?

Spence at Weir Performance said its possible if the wrong fluid was used that it could be a reason it's leaking. I've also found reports of the Camaro SS having the issue where a limited slip additive caused the diff to start leaking.
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