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Rear quarters are pretty similar to the doors. Both sides, though, I installed it and had it on the car before realizing I didn't cut a hole for the speaker. You'd think I would have learned after one side, but no. The only tricky part is the lower area - there is the ledge that can serve as an armrest for the rear seats, so you've got to use multiple pieces of MLV to fit around it.

You can see the ledge and styrofoam block to the left

MLV and CCF on

Center armrest

Fitting CCF below the rear seats and over the center armrest

The armrest has styrofoam in it to keep the shape

Fitting MLV

Make sure it still fits

Seat back on to check fitment

MLV on both sides

You can see the push pin in the lower left. There's that one, and two more in the trunk

Cutting a hole for the wiring. It's challenging to apply MLV to a concave surface. I cut a square, then made a slit from the center outwards, then let the two sides of the slit overlap to make a sort of cone, then trimmed the overlap.

Still fits together!

14mm socket on the seatbelt (this is out of order)

10mm bolt on the front of the rear seats

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