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Originally Posted by RYU View Post
You need an impact screw driver and a mallet.

Buy one of these before you chew up those screw heads. Let us know how they work for you.
Thank you, good sir! That's exactly what I need. (Bah... I'm having to make due without my full set of tools, as I'm crashing at a friend's house for a few weeks).

And I was about to say, "Cue the 'That part's dumb, and won't do anything' crowd in 5... 4... 3...", but it seems they're already here. All I know is people both in Japan and America that are serious about racing cars seemed excited by these, and that I'm a big fan of chassis strengthening as a first modification, so I'm on board with it. (Besides, it's a cheap enough mod to give it a try). Sadly, I don't know how much of an individual assessment I can give for these, though, as I've got a front strut-tower bar and a full set of PowerBraces from Cusco arriving this week; so at best I'll be able to do a "before bracing the crap out of it/ after stiffening the crap out of it" review.
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