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Originally Posted by Leeky View Post
Hello all!

Im here in Japan and i've just been to the Fuji Speedway where i met the Chief Engineer and also witnessed the unveiling of the Toyota GT86 - Official Name.

The car is confimed for a worldwide release in April 2012.

The car will be limited to 1000 units per year only.

Each car i can confirm will be hand made.

The automatic gearbox is based on the LF-A gearbox which means it will be a very good box.

Toyota are not making any profit from the 86 and the sale price will make them break even.

Im happy to answer any questions about the car and will be posting up pictures and videos right now.

I will be going to the Tokyo Motor Show on Wednesday were they will have the production model. I will sit in the car and take many detailed pictures for you all.

Best Regards

I don't believe it...but could be true...1000 a year for the 86....1000 a year for the FRS.....1000 a year for the BRZ....equals 3000 a year.

But what kills your story is that you said hand made...and LFA based automatic. The LFA has a single clutch gearbox not a real automatic like in the isf. The gearbox is based on the one in the isf not the LFA.
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