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Originally Posted by RallySport Direct View Post
Excellent write up! Thank you for being so thorough and for taking detailed pics.

I just wanted to add that you need to be careful when using the bolts to bring the engine and trans together because if the splines are not lined up perfectly then it will cause some binding and the clutch won't release. Another common problem is putting grease on spinning parts because it can get flung off onto the disc surface, which can cause slipping.

Overall great write-up. Thank you

Yeah I made sure the splines were lined up, the issue i had was due to the index pins they were just a tad too tight to just push the transmission back on from under the car laying on my back...guess i should have reiterated that.

And yes you have to be semi liberal with the grease on the input shaft, but the service manual explicitly states to grease the splines and realese bearing surface of the shaft so, just gotta be liberal with the goo!
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