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Crap another obsession.
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Well that's a hell of a first post! Couldn't you have led off with something a bit more mundane. I mean electrolysis, fluid dynamics, blah, blah, blah, frs model with a horrible paint job, blah, blah, science! I jest.

I am very curious to see where this series goes. I appreciate the time it took to build such a huge tank just to dunk a model in.

How do you space out the bubbles from the wire? insulation? do they form into lines naturally?
Can you move the wire from side to side to view the entire width of the car in profile at different points, such as the rear view mirrors.
Can you turn the car on its side to see top down how the bubbles move around the car?

Kudos and please continue with this series. There are practical and tangible applications of what you are showing, to so much on this forum. turbos, exhausts, rear tail lights, crickets, giant 3 ton downforce adjustable wings, shit that probably will never and should never work.
A lot.

ps I watched almost all of it.
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