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Originally Posted by Drive View Post
Don't hold your breath, you'll be waiting at least 3 months before Nameless will even start building your exhaust. I wouldn't recommend them - they need to have better communication with their customers and better delivery times.
I was at the very bottom of the waiting queue when I put in my order for a catted/resonated fp/op from them. 6 weeks. That's a month and a half. When I got the email update that my order's build queue had come up, it was about a week or less till the package arrived (about 2 days after I got the email notification about it being shipped... tracked with sign-for-delivery).

They are VERY responsive to questions and will take the time to explain things. It will take a while from when you put in your order, but if you call or email to ask where things are in how long to wait till it is starting to be built, you'll get an honest answer. They don't leave you hanging.

And the wait is worth it.

If I hadn't gone with headers as well, I'd have gone with the 5" axlebacks as well. However, I needed a quieter exhaust than that. I think I went a little too quiet with the q300, but it's not so quiet that I'm going to immediately switch it out for something else. Maybe if nameless gets a 2.5" catback going (b/c I no longer have the stock midpipe, so axlebacks won't hook up to invidia's q300 midpipe) for a good price, I will. But they've said they aren't interested since straightening the stock midpipe doesn't give enough appreciable gains for it to matter, thus not worth the effort on their part. In that, I'd agree. But... it would have been nice. Oh well... *shrug*

Anyway, the point is that you're wrong. They have excellent communication with their customers. Sure they may be a bit slow on email response, but just give the shop a call during business hours and you'll get a live someone on the line (usually Ryan) who can tell you what's up with what. And their delivery times are excellent as well. It's not overnight air (that'd be way too expensive), but they use good ground delivery and it gets to you in a reasonable time for ground shipment. FedEx may not be AS good as UPS, but that doesn't mean they suck. As far as the wait time from order input to it getting built, they are a very small shop that builds to order and they have become very popular, not just with 86's, but with AWD subies, and other vehicles. To keep the chaos down and to make sure that they have the parts they need, they do things in batches. Your order is on a first-come-first-serve with respect to the batches, and if they have that batch open when you order that part, it'll go in line and you may have your part very shortly. For most of us, we have to wait for that batch to come up in the queue. It helps ensure their quality.

TL;DR version: don't bitch
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