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Originally Posted by tennisfreak View Post
No disrespect but if you are following so closely that if they decide to turn at the last second you risk hitting them:


You should always obey a 2-4 second cushion between you and the vehicle in front of you and that is one of many fundamental rules that must be obeyed at all times to stay safe (especially on a motorcycle).

Trying to teach my two teenagers to drive properly and we just covered this last night on the way to a Mavericks game. Some dumbass a couple lanes over was tailgating the vehicle in front and I was telling my teenager how unsafe that was and how to properly gauge how far to trail a leading vehicle. Right as we are talking about it the lead vehicle hit his brakes and the jackass following swerved violently into another lane to avoid a rear end collision.

Actually, I was in a left turn lane but I do understand you're conclusion. Didn't elaborate. Haven't been in an accident in twenty years and that was a drunk drivers fault. Only one accident on my bike in seven years and I described that already. So some more lessons for the kids. Take care and moderate your speed in a left turn at a light. Don't drink and drive. Hang up and drive. AND WATCH FOR BIKES! Oh and kudos to the Mavs. Never thought they'd handle the Spurs so well.
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