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Late Night Update

So, the trunk swap fell through. But, the polar vortex cancelled our classes,
and I'm fortunate enough to know someone with a heated-ish garage.
(when the windchill is -40, is anything really heated?)
So we spent the whole day working on our cars and doing oil changes

As it would turn out, the TRD deck spoiler was secured with rather overkill methods.

6 bolts, and about a meter of 3M adhesive tape.
Removing the bolts was relatively easy, the tape was an enormous PITA that took nearly 3 hours.
We went through methods, rags, razors and eventually settled using brake cleaner.

I didn't really take a lot of photos of the process as it was really grueling, annoying, and still cold.
But, we got through it.
Fortunately enough, this Nur Spec wing actually bolts up to the two outer holes from the TRD spoiler.
We did a little test fit and ran with it.
Originally we were just going for it, trying to see where we'd end up with the spoiler off of Fury.
I was totally planning on just covering the holes and then redrilling the trunk at a later date.

Well, the bolts lined up so we went for it.
I ran out to grab some 3M tape and we moved the car around to set the trunk and wing in front of the heater.
After prepping the surfaces and waiting for everything to heat up,
we ran a few pieces of tape on the deck plate of the wing and mounted it up.

As for the holes, they're currently covered with some electrical tape....
I'm scheduling the front bumper work soon and I'll have the trunk welded and painted as well.
And of course, she's naturally already dirty as all hell in this lovely climate.

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