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Originally Posted by Ashikabi View Post
I think there is a misunderstanding here. From his comment it appears he is confused because you included the car in the 40k and then additionally said it was 40k ON TOP OF the car. So essentially you counted the car twice. That's my understanding, hopefully I haven't confused it more
You are adding more confusion to me, that's for sure. Show me where I said my car cost me $40k plus cost of car. My spreadsheet, with my car cost included, shows roughly $46k total. I am telling people it will be roughly $40k with parts and labor plus the cost of their car. I stand behind that because i'm not confident of people's abilities so i'm just generalizing the cost. It may be higher or lower than that but giving people realistic expectations might help them decide not to do this. Nobody told me and here I am almost $50k into this car and I need more parts, more e85 tuning, wheels and tires to put the power down, etc so i'll be at $50k come springtime for sure.
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