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Well I think the Turbo build has commenced. Turbo manifolds are on their way ($95 on eBay right now with good reviews lol)

Waiting to hear back on a friend of mine who recently started selling parts. His wholesale account lists Wiseco and King Bearing on their line card, and even on their website from what I can tell, but getting a price is being told they aren't carried. So working that through to get new bearings and rings. Going to just re-ring the pistons and hone the cylinders.

Running Two VS Racing Next Gen 62/62 and either a CX Racing or Treadstone Twin entry to single exit intercooler. Will need to work on ducting to keep everything cool.

Ordered some tool to make sure everything is correct:

(Also think I got my 3D printer squared away so I can start printing new hood vents in a better material)

More updates to come as I start tearing into the car and doing a lot more custom fab work.

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