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Originally Posted by UF Key Master View Post
Which A1764 did you buy? None of the ones I have found are the same 3 digit number below the A1764 as the component in my BIM. Also, if you don't mind, what soldering gun did you get and how difficult was it to remove and solder. The thing is so small I'm nervous about doing it.
The chips I used said "737" underneath "A1764", I'm pretty sure 737 didn't match my original chip but it worked in the end.

I bought a fairly cheap watt-adjustable soldering iron for about $30 on Amazon. Honestly the key is to keep your temperature high enough just so that it melts the solder quickly and doesn't cause damage to the chip or anything surrounding it. Most importantly, use flux! I used a lot of it just to be safe, it made soldering the new chip on so much easier as the solder flows nicely and it bonds to the metal pads and pins without you having to do much guiding.
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