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DIY - FRONT Shifter Carrier Bushings

I've never seen a DIY for these, but I had similar bushings on my old e36/e46 so so I decided just to buy them and see how to do it.

I bought the Torque Solution bushings seen here:

You can also get the Cusco ones here:

Make sure your transmission is not hot.

1. I only jacked up the front of the car, but for best practice jack up all 4 corners and USE JACK STANDS.

2. Remove the transmission under body panel(not the metal skid plate).

3. Locate the left and right carrier clamps on each side of the transmission. Use a flat head screwdriver to push the tabs towards the rear of the car. Medium amount of pressure is required to do this.

4. Pull the tabs away from the transmission as far as you can. You can also pull them completely out by rotating them and finding a sweet spot where it doesn't hit the transmission tunnel. This is not necessary at all though.

****** I forgot it was helpful to loosen the 2 bolts on the REAR bushing. Loosen them just a little bit, no need to take them all the way out.

Left side:

Right Side

5. Push up on the shifter carrier to free it from it's mounting position. You have a good 4-5" of clearance to work with here which isn't a lot but it's actually VERY EASY compared to the e36/e46 bmws since you can do this with the carrier still in the car.

6. Next you will want to remove the OEM bushings. There are 4 bushings total that support the front of the shifter carrier. Two inner bushings and two outer bushings. The bushings are soft rubber and can very easily be picked and pulled using your hands..

Start with the driver side outer bushing. Use your left hand and dig into the bushing to pull it out.

Passenger side outer is done with your right hand.

Next do the passenger side inner by using your left arm to reach up and over the transmission and use your fingers to pull out the passenger inner bushing. This is why your transmission needs to be cold.

Finally do the driver side inner. This one is tricky because the access point is blocked by the front pipe but I ended up using a 9/64" allen wrench and stuck it through the driver's side bushing hole to stab out the inner bushing just enough so that you can grab it and tear it out of the carrier.

As you can see, the OEM rubber bushings are extremely squishy and will easily tear. The new bushings are much stronger.

2 torn inner bushings

Torque Solution vs OEM

Grease up the new bushings. My Torque Solutions bushings didn't come with grease but I used white lithium grease I had laying around.

With aftermarket, only 2 outer bushings are used, and these slide in very easily. When the bushings are fully pressed into the carrier, pull down on the carrier to lower it back into it's housing. You'll notice there is a little back and forth wiggle room with the carrier, so use that to your advantage when re-installing and re-aligning the carrier tabs/clamps.

Install the transmission cover and you are done!


Overall I can feel a difference with this mod. I currently have the Kartboy short shifter, Kartboy rear shifter bushing, MTEC shifter springs, whiteline transmission insert and Motul fluid.

This dramatically improved how easily the car goes into gear, especially when cornering. It truly feels more like a bolt action rifle whereas before, even with all my shifter mods, it still felt weird putting it into 2nd or even 1st gear at a full stop. This just makes it click in so much easier. I was under the impression that the REAR shifter bushings for our cars would really dial it in, but these front bushings make the package complete.

No extra gear whine from my initial testing.

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