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Originally Posted by nwgabrz View Post
As long as the Mustang Mach-E maintains core aspects of the Mustang brand, it should be fine. Porsche, Lamborghini, and Jeep all have used a brand name on a vehicle type that was unthinkable for it, as well. Remember when Porsche fans were all up-in-arms by the Cayenne SUV? But since Porsche still makes sports cars like the 911, Porsche can call the Cayenne "The Porsche of SUVs".

The Mach-E retains the performance aspects of the Mustang brand, and the idea is that name recognition of the Mustang brand will draw people in. With that being said, we will still have to see if this will be a success or a flop.

Nonetheless, it's a good thing for the automotive industry in general. Here's an interesting read.
That is just it though. Mustang is not a brand it is a model within a brand. A very distinct and separate model. It is not the same as Porsche making an SUV. It would be the same as Porsche building an electric cross over and calling it a 911.
People are not stupid and saying this is a Mustang will not fly with Mustang fans.
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