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Originally Posted by eriktherod View Post
The problem with the poll is I don't understand if you mean abolish the Scion brand entirely or just for sporty cars such as the FR-S.

If you are saying the former, no, the Scion brand can stay. If you are saying the latter, then yes, abolish the use of Scion for sports-oriented vehicles.

I think the Scion brand is great for marketing cars towards younger generations (disclaimer: I'm only 26). I get it, kids want fun cars with cute shapes that have things which tie into their devices (phones, tablets, iPods, etc). However, to put one of the best performance cars you have ever made into that same marquee is silly. Just because it's not "priced" like a Toyota would be, doesn't mean it should be in the Scion brand, even if it is a 'cool' car.
I'm saying abolish the brand entirely.
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