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Originally Posted by ftc~brz View Post
I'm not the biggest gear head and I was very hesitant to post my plots because I didn't want to be put on the defensive or get more technical than I can handle. When I got this car I swore I wouldn't mod. Then I swore I would stay N/A. That is the farthest I had ever delved in the past and now I'm digging into new territory and it can be intimidating at times.

I've learned a lot from this forum and your work has been very informative and strait from the hip.
I was very impressed with the vortech kit when I saw it installed on redallerts car and that was the direction I wanted to go with my dd. I knew turbo was not what I was looking for personally. Either way, any FI is scary when it's your own money going into your own car. Even more scary when it's your only car and all the risk is on your shoulders.
I fell in love with the vortech kit when I saw it in action and I am interested to see what will come of it and the other kits out there in FI land.
Thanks again for keeping it real.
Our opinions and feelings are almost identical. I have been through so many cars this past 6 years. Dead set against modifying anything outside alignment and tires. Had dream cars come and go, and then the efficient daily drivers.

Then the FR-S, I said the same thing not going to modify it. It's not my thing. Until the I started doing the track stuff with it watching Neons, mustangs, Focus, Mazdaspeed3s basically anything walk passed the car in a straight line. It's the core disappointment of having a "only if" car.

I waited on the sidelines until I felt enough data had been published on the Vortech kit to go all in and tell the story about it. Never have I done aftermarket supercharging, so much to learn. In fact so much to learn I stopped karting and racing this year and doing a lot of the things I loved to work on this project. It's all for the experience to learn and to help others good and bad.

With your project, you already have a head start, just try and know as much as you can about the car now so you can learn how it has changed and what is normal and not. Don't be afraid to ask and even piss people off if you are not getting the straight answers. Like you said, its $$$ and when its your only car it gets real very fast. We are putting a lot of trust in faith in the vendors who supply the parts that all the hype and promise is not just a road to misery namely when we are early adopters.

In the end I chose Vortech given their long history of products and knew they could support the car when problems arose, and they have almost a year head start supercharging it. And so far most issues are transparently being handled. More importantly we now have many owners and a lot of data to share, helps not feeling so alone or clueless.

Thanks for following this.
I will be following your end too, and the products you use so we can figure out any issues and how to prevent them before they happen.
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