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Originally Posted by yomny View Post
Yeah i think what contributes to the stiff feeling of the FR-S are the dampers. I read in a review that the FR-S has stiffer shocks than the BRZ. What i like is the match that the FR-S has between then dampers and the spring rates, would love to keep the same ratio/match.
If there is any difference (and nothing has confirmed yet there is), it is small enough spring vendors are using the same springs for both cars. Most of the rates people are coming out with are somewhere in the middle between the two cars, when you look at the difference between front and rear. The North American FR-S has 40% higher spring rates in the rear, the BRZ is around 23%. Most of the aftermarket vendors are somewhere around 25-30% higher in the rear. Like Racecomp said, when you lower the car it has effects on the whole suspension so the rates may not be the same as stock for a lowered car.

Coilovers are an entirely different thing since the damping may be drastically different than stock.
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