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Just had the TRD lightweight flywheel installed on my 86 2 days ago. Still have the stock clutch (dont have plans for significantly increasing hp ).

Some context: I don't track, I mostly like to cruise around town and don't hit up the canyons all that often. My ultimate goal for the car is to make it lighter and handle better while trying not to compromise tooooo much comfort.

First impressions:

-Starting from a stop is a little bit harder now. I haven't stalled but the clutch pedal feels lighter and it isn't as easy to find the friction point like it was before. I've read numerous complaints about oem clutch feel in our cars and I'd imagine those same people would hate having to deal with a lightweight flywheel. Never had a complaint about stock feel and actually thought it was perfect. But now I might take out the clutch assist spring to help make my start from stops more smoother or adjust the clutch pedal itself as I tend to now give it a little more gas than i should to get it going.

-Upshifting feels great when you're on point. The revs now fall so quickly that you kinda have to be on top of it to really nail that smooth transition. After shifting up you gotta be quick to release the clutch so the revs don't fall too far down. No more rev hang feels great though. Improvements in acceleration is subtle but the improved pick up is there. the 86 now just wants to live in the higher rev range. Which is great sometimes....but sometimes it isn't. As mentioned before I mainly like to cruise and just chill but upshifting under 4k has become more of a chore. you need to be aware of what your feet and hand are doing where as before you didn't really have to think about it.

-Downshifting. This is where I'm a little iffy on the lighter flywheel. It is waaaay tougher to get a smooth heel toe downshift now than before. Even with just a regular downshift too btw. The stock flywheel was so forgiving and fun. You could HT-downshift in ANY range on the tach. Lower range was especially fun because you'd get that sweet downshift sound without having to really push the car. I now have to think about if I should HT-downshift or let the engine do the braking and then regularly downshift because the revs fall so quickly. When I get a HT-downshift wrong it's usually because I didn't give myself enough time (start from a higher rev) to release the clutch quickly enough. So now my braking points have gotten later to compensate before turns...Which is fine I guess and more racecar like... Had planned on upgrading the brake pads, now might be a good time.

Overall, yeah. The car feels more racecar like now. Which I get, I mean cars built for the track aren't starting from stops all the time and have more open road to wring the engine out, brake later etc...I honestly felt like I made a huge mistake in choosing a performance lw flywheel for my mostly street driven 86. But if anything, it's really made me appreciate how GOOD the oem setup is. OEM is so much easier of course but way more fun too.

I don't regret upgrading to a lwfw. It's only the third day and I've already gotten better and more comfortable with the difference. I can now cruise and take it easy like before but when I first drove the car with lwfw it felt like racecar mode was on ALL the time. Was a little annoying tbh. But the acceleration is definitely addicting. Again it isn't huge but it is a little quicker and it's more fun to push the car with a lwfw. But if given the right circumstances to go back to OEM I would. The 86 stock was already a solid tool in teaching you how to be a better driver. With this lwfw upgrade, because you have to be on point with your shifting, even more so now!

TL;DR: OEM FW is fine, more forgiving which = way more fun.
LWFW takes some getting used to, more life to the drive esp in accel, needs your full attention to be smooth.

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