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Originally Posted by Foobar View Post
I have roughly the same mods and I'm very happy that I didn't encounter some of then issues encountered here. The bent tube, trouble with the belt, and placing of the air box to cite some examples.

I also did my job completely unassisted in my driveway.

That said, I do agree with several of his points. The washer fluid reservoir design is a hack job and placement puts pressure on the plastic underbody piece that then forces against the bumper. I'm sure this contributes to making the bumper a pain in the ass the line back up with the fender on the driver side. The hood prop is another pain point but I avoided it with my GrimmSpeed hood struts. Being at the mercy of your tuner is a valid point as well but true even without an FI kit. I'm not sure why Perrin couldn't address the timing problem or why he didn't offer to do a remote dyno session. I use Visconti's Vortech tune without issues.

At the end of the day, I think the OP encountered a lot of issues that are representative of the worst case scenario but its great that he was able to document it so that others can see what they could expect if things don't go smoothly, but to be fair, a lot of us have done this without professional (or any) assistance or shop tools and had a smoother experience.

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Did you have the same issue the OP had with the Vortech install instructions?
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