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Originally Posted by Foobar View Post
Good work - question: If the Innovate kit was available when you started this project, would you have considered that over the Vortech? Based on what we know of the Innovate kit now that it's out, I think it would have saved you some of the drama. May not reach the 240WHP given current experiences, but it looks like it hits all of your other requirements.

By the way, I just realized I recognized some of the roads you were on - I used to live around Randall & Huntley Roads in the early 2000's! Thanks for the flashbacks
You are welcome for the flash backs! Not much has changed just busier more congested. Still boring.

Now on to Innovate Kit.
@Innovate Motorsports

1. I don't know of many kits that I would ever consider that were non-intercooled. I don't quite understand the logic behind releasing it this way first unless they needed to get something to market.

2. I would gladly try and test the Innovate kit to do a comparison. Considered picking it up for my next project. But to be bold I find their lack of published technical info concerning. Looks like they gave their kit to testers. Built up demand, but never posted any quality data.
I have yet to see anyone post logs, or even IAT readings.

3. Early adoption is one thing when you have a good support network. I bitch about Vortech/FA20 tuners in my area, but going Innovate would be like being the only owner in my state. The kit looks very good and honestly from what I saw documentation was superior... But I need more data before I would consider. My little post here is what I expect from vendors. Not just a "Buy me, here is a dyno thread." It was smart getting Robi on board, but he is far removed from someone who daily drives.
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