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Originally Posted by DJCarbine View Post
My advise is to fill your washer tank once you install it, so if/when it leaks you don't have to remove the bumper again to get access to it

Also, try to install the washer bottle as high as possible so that the pump connector on the bottom clears the plastic under-tray you have to reinstall later

I would also ditch the screws that came with the kit for bolting the intercooler bracket to the bumper support, and opt for self-tapping screws with a cutting head. Center punch where you want it to be, and drive the self tapper in with a cordless drill. Using the supplied bolts are tricky and will just make the install take longer

I also opted for the self tapping screws. im going to fill my washer bottle this winter. its the only time I use it.

what a wonderful video you made @Dezoris
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