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Originally Posted by leevanf View Post
Hi Ultra, i noticed the BRZ manual/wiring doesnt have anything on the DRLs. Perhaps since its an optional part around the world.

Given this, would you happen to know if there is an existing relay or what for units without it from factory?
Hi, leevanf. Based on others' experience, I've learned that the harness is common out to the peripheral devices. The heated mirrors are an example. The cable from the mirror to the connector in the dash and a relay are all that the heated mirrors need to complete the package.

There is a DRL relay shown in the wiring diagram. You'll need at least that and the load resistor but... I remembered as I was driving home tonight that the FRS cuts back the power on the high beam halogen lamps for DRL. Doesn't the BRZ have some special LED thingy for the DRL? Does it need a resistor? Hmmm...
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