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Originally Posted by swarb View Post
Was it a self tapping screw with a sharp tip at the end? Maybe grind it down a little?
Do you feel the screw protruding with your foot?
Is the new pedal held on with any tabs or just the two screws?
Indeed the screws have a sharp tip, but I didn't think about shortening them. I drilled 2 small holes in the pedal (plastic) before putting the screws in anyways, so it might have worked without the tip.

The pedal is only attached by these 2 screws. Once I had everything tightened down (and noticed the bottom screw going a bit sideways) I didn't want to remove them and risk ruining the thread on the plastic or something, so I left it like that. I can't feel the screw at all with my foot, it's only a minor visual issue!
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