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TURBOWSKI!!!! I watched all the vids on YouTube before I actually google'd it and found your thread. I think the Intricate level of detail you provide is astounding, and how you have the time to do it is beyond me. Granted I'm 19, I work all the time, and go to school when I'm not at work... Anyway! The install of the supercharger leads me to believe that maybe you should have held off a couple of years and used the car as a car. Let other guinea pigs take the bait of new parts, and wait until their engines need rebuilds and the like. I for one am waiting until there is a little thicker headgasket (multi-layered), a mild cam setup, and a much wider range of ROM's from tuners that have been tried and true tested. I AM NOT BASHING YOUR BUILD, however, from a guy who researched and saved for 2 years to buy his BRZ, I want everything going into it to be tested, to make sure the longevity of the vehicle stays intact. Your write up was very detailed, and I'm sure it has, and will help other enthusiasts to either steer clear of the products used, or dive in and bolt them on!
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