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Thank you. That was quite honestly one of the best forum posts I've ever seen (and not just on a car forum for that matter).

You provided real data, honest opinions, and included all of the variables. Too many times people say to get a cheaper car and make it go fast for cheap. They often forget the time invested in research (or sadly, often lack there of), installation, lost of warranty, and overall hassle.

I'm holding out for a 240Z or 2nd generation GT86 that's got a bit more 'balls', as you put it, stock. I would also like the stock suspension to be something like the new BRZ tS (improved and still under warranty, etc.). I have been on the edge on my seat reading some of the Vortech posts as it seemed like the best option for me. Then when it's all said and done I've spend more than a 370z just to have a bit better handling and no warranty.

I applaud you, and other, whom have been first adapters and really looked to find and ultimately share the 'bugs' with FI twins.

On a side note, watching the video I thought I recognized the area. Then I saw you were from IL--I believe I recognized some of the area you drove! I live in Chicago now, but grew up in the suburbs.

Thanks again, shift on!
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