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Originally Posted by King Tut View Post
That is the common location for fit issues. Mine started out on just the driver side, but now both sides don't hold. The slot on the bumper is supposed to be retained by a tab on the plastic bracket that mounts underneath the headlight. The problem is that tab is very short and does not hold the slot on the bumper once you have removed it a couple times. It is almost like the act of pulling the slot of the bumper over it one or two times is enough to damage it so that it won't hold the slot anymore. Some guys have reported success with replacing those plastic brackets, but I would prefer to redesign them with a taller tab to hold the slot in the bumper. This issue gets worse in a forced induction application where the intercooler mounting causes the flat panel at the front of the car to be pushed down at all resulting in tension being put on the bumper itself.
If I was sure I would not be pulling the bumper again I may actually attempt what you are talking about. But with the bumper having pressure on it I doubt it would snap in perfect.
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