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To be fair I dont have cruise control and I do have a constant check engine light. I'm using a can bus translator from geralds projects, he's on here somewhere i believe it was $300. I do have all other things like tach speedo etc coolant gauge though I did install a second gauge in air vent that reads more accurately. Built my own canbus device based off of watsuai's budget 10k build but geralds had somemore features and will work with the ac and cruise control later if I install it. Check engine light is from ls1 ecu reading an issue with the check engine light itself ironically enough, might be a ground issue. I didn't do the cruise control because of how bulky the gto cable driven system is for an ls1 and the driving I do with the car. No highway commute back road fun. I'm sure it could be done for the cable system though but probably not worth it.

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