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Basic tech info: spring rates, rear suspension, motion ratios, and you.

Originally Posted by KidRed View Post
So if I just want to lower my car around an inch, as I love the driving dynamics, would the RS-R S/Down do me well? Or would I also need to upgrade other areas of the suspension as well like sways, LCAs, ert?

Only a good set of springs and an good alignment will be fine to start.

No need LCA for around one inch, I don't have LCA and am dropper 1" 3/8...

Of course adjustable LCA are better, but this is to fine tune your alignment.

You can run only lowers springs without any problems don't worry...and if you want, in the near future you have always the time to upstage others suspensions depend on what you will need concerning the handling of this car.
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