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Originally Posted by FT_Monk View Post
They should have make a turbo charged version before the convertible. I heard people demands turbo all the time, have not heard anyone wants a convertible.
The Cab is a cash cow for the company, they need to recoup some of their investment in this risky project. Also, have you literally read nothing? No turbo for FRS - it's been confirmed many times, hell even in this article

I think the super-capacitor route is great, I don't see myself being an early adopter of the tech and will let others have the teething fun but I welcome it. What I'm most curious for is the 2014 changes, that blue action package prototype looks great and if the rumor speak comes to fruition - 4.10 gearing, mechanical diff, Sachs dampers, better sounding exhaust, BBS wheels and less weight (how I wish) for $27,000 msrp would be an excellent toy. This is what Scion should be - let it be a niche company, let them build their profit models (tC, frs cab, xD) and offer unique, quirky, fun choices (iQ, xB) like the super-capacitor and prototype/club racer-esque versions.

Let the Subaru boys build a FI limited BRZ at $33k to slot between the WRX and STI. But that needn't come out until the hype of the current model dies down, 2014/2015 would be a good time.
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