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For those that think the car should be faster, you are right.. the car has the potential to go very fast... and we have collected valuable data to make that happen. We received the car in August from Scion and have built the car in 2 months without much sleep to get it ready for the SEMA show, and with 2-3 days of preparation after SEMA we got the car ready to run at Superlap Battle... so to answer your question, should the car go faster? yes. Are we disappointed in the lap time we ran? NO. to take a stock Scion FR-S and to build something unique and different and prove it will hold up on the track and still set fastest FR-S time to date all within 3 months time, to us its a major accomplishment.

We have set and held records in AWD and RWD classes with our EVO and S2000, those cars did not get fast from day one, it takes years of R&D, testing and refinements to dial in a car. Especially a new platform.

Orthow, if you have anymore questions please do not hesitate to call me and i'd be happy to discuss tire / suspension and chassis setup with you over the phone... so maybe you can better understand what it takes to build a fast car.



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