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You all will not believe this...

Just 48 hours after I send the Chief Engineer Tada, about the mild condensation issue.

He has stopped whatever he was doing in Abu Dahbi, called the plant to investigate and had them find the issue, corrected it on the production line, and reported back to me for all of you.

"The slight issue was in the assembly process, and has been corrected and recorded.
There is no issue with the lamp assembly housing itself, and if there are indications of this on some cars already delivered, please contact your Scion dealers/Subaru dealer for a simple remedy."
<--my translation, not exact Japanese words verbatim.

I'm still awaiting his reply if this was something we can fix he never mentioned exactly what it was.
I'm sort of suspecting loose harness gasket or nut on the lamp housing?
He'll get back to me, or through a Toyota bulletin with something official, I suppose. Stay tuned.

Talk about QUICKLY getting things done!! Way to go Toyota!
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