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Originally Posted by xxscaxx View Post
Did you or him ever bring this to light? I can't recall.

Seemed like a giant surprise to me the other day when I mentioned my issues on the dyno with the intercooler kit. Then again you could be running some kind of different setup.

What I don't understand is why do these tunes need to still be updated on the regular?

I know there is always room for improvement, but I just don't understand how there can't be some kind of "final" tune. I also don't like how theres a "one size fits all" map for everyone.

I've been on a few tunes now, and I just can't take the constant back and forth of datalogging, reflashing, etc. I just want a damn one and done map, no issues.

This kit has been out for quite some time now, with plenty of tuners messing with it with COUNTLESS hours tuning. So why is there always an update? lol. Maybe i'm not looking at it correctly.
I highly recommend OEM map sensors only. I know there are other brands out there but I prefer to not talk poorly about other brands, since they change on a regular basis, for better or worse and you can not say something bad one day and expect the same the next day. I just give my opinion on what works and what I highly suggest to use.

In regards to updates, yes I do take forever to get back to people. I am truly sorry about that and working on improving that but everything I release I try my best to make sure it is to my own personal standards on my own personal car.

Why are there constant updates, here is the reason.

1. These vehicle ECU's are highly complex and to be honest I am always learning on them. I use to be able to tune multiple makes and models of vehicles. Use too... The ECU's have now become incredibly complex and dialing in the elusive "perfect tune" is a lot more work but something I strive for.

2. EcuTek, keeps releasing more maps and updates for additional tables they have determined to do different things. So I have to go through and test them out. Some really help with small things in the tune, maybe things unseen or felt in the tune but good for the overall performance of the vehicle.

3. I listen to my customers, though I may not respond fast I do listen to what they would like to see. So I focus my time on those specific items on our development car. So the tune morphs as people's requests change and the owners change.

4. Are the tunes good to drive on now? It is just like an iPhone, we are version 5 and version 5s is coming out. There can always be improvements for various reasons and as the client base increases so does the input from customers.

Hope that answers some of those questions and basically it is just not as easy as it use to be, for a variety of reasons and because of that the industry change, whether you want to believe it or not.

William Knose
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