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Originally Posted by mad_sb View Post
What Map Sensor are you using?
He also tried everyting tuning wise, cam sweeps, fueling, timing etc etc nothing made it any better until he went back to the stock map sensor. I don't understand it, but I trust what he was telling me. Seems crazy but there could be a reference to the map sensor that is not exposed in some of the tuning platforms is all i can figure.
We had 5 different tuners/their customers we've been in touch with recently who were all having the same issue and tried the same things. I looked back and the only customers we had that didn't have the issues had stock map sensors. Since the CARB tune used a stock MAP sensor, that is why they were not having the issue.

Originally Posted by xxscaxx View Post
what is the reason?
It is for a few reasons, some of which I don't have the time to get into. But basically because of how the SC flows, the cam phasing is critical, and unlike turbos and the centrifugals; it creates a different flow pattern right at the runner and is the reason for the wobbly MAP signal.

In double checking and making a few phone calls we know that not the omni, the OEM honda, nor the denso IAT based map sensors will work. I think any >1.3 bar sensor will have the same issue when intercooled.
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