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VELO Seat Install - Attempt #2

FINALLY! Finished my VELO seat install. I had the track day on Sunday 1st, with the VELO seat fitted just in time. Unfortunately the seat was angled too far forwards. It was as if you were sitting on a normal dining room chair firmly planted while driving your car. The next morning I had a fairly sore neck because of that.

I ended up getting some different side mounts on Monday. I got these "RPM" *tall* side mounts so I could angle the seat further back.

They are much taller than the BRIDE mounts and about 2 screw adjustments higher than the supplied VELO side mounts. The guy at Revolution Racegear was kind enough to let me bring out a bracket to compare with my car. I bought the bracket and ended up inverting it(front<->back) so it would 'fit' with my VELO seat. It's all fitted dodgey-stylez

Sat and drive in the car for two days like this and it seemed ok, but not optimal. I decided to buy some washers to shove underneath the front rails of the seat to prop it up back even more. This was better.

I still was not satisfied with the setup of the seat and went to COVs Fasteners to buy some longer M10x1.25 Metric bolts to replace the front E10 Torx bolts securing the seat. I bought the 30mm and 35mm ones.
OEM E10 STOCK Bolt, M10x1.25 30mm HTS Bolt, M10x1.25 35mm HTS Bolt

Luckily I did because I ended up using the 35mm ones as I shoved MORE washers underneath the BRIDE rails for even more dodgey-ness
8x Washers under each Bolt/Rail

Right now, the car sits perfectly

Also, I picked up this handy foot pump from MALZ. $32.99 for a dual piston pump. 2x pumps on the pedal inflates about 1psi. VERY HANDY for track days or emergencies.


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