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nochilljay 11-13-2019 11:14 PM

Smoke from driver side bank
Just did a figure it out yourself heater core bypass because I think there's a leak on the cabin side of the firewall. Also tried searching so please don't crucify me.

This problem started before the heater core bypass.

I've been losing coolant for a month or so now, temps have crept up twice, I'm trying to keep adding water until I can afford to fix this problem and change the coolant.

Like I said, smoke coming from driver side of engine bay, source seems to be from under the engine. Weird smell, smells like something in between coolant, oil, burning wires and even a little bit of a clutch smell, though I think I might have burnt the clutch a little the first time I noticed it, haven't gotten too much of that since. When the AC kicks on it seems to go away but I'm not sure if that's just airflow from the pulley pushing it somewhere else or not.

15 BRZ limited with 63k-ish. Going to try to daily my bike until I can fix it. Thanks in advance (hopefully).

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subaru 11-14-2019 02:23 PM

Sounds like your head gasket has failed at the very least. Either way you have a serious problem and driving the car further is likely to grenade the motor and leave least parts salvageable as possible. High temperatures and coolant loss is bad bad. Park the car if you can.

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